"Who knew geology could be so enthralling?" a reviewer wrote about Michael Collier's award-winning photographs.

Now, on the iPad, his images are even more dazzling.

But Wonders of Geology is not a coffee table app. Michael Collier is a geologist as well as a photographer. His images inform as well as delight.

As we swipe through each photograph, we hear Collier's smooth, accessible narration telling us where to look on the mountain, what to look for and what it means.

He introduces the processes that build and shape mountains:

• Tectonics
• Volcanoes
• Glaciers
• Faults
• Erosion

And leads a field trip over America's great mountains.

• The Appalachians,
• The Pacific Coast ranges
• The Rockies
• The Tetons
• The Alaskan ranges

Wonders of Geology has all the features of a cool science app: animated diagrams, pinch and zoom, thumbnail navigation, maps, etc. But like a great book it also has an author, a man with a passion for his subject and a desire to share it with others.

It's as if we're with Michael Collier in the cockpit of his Cessna. As we look out at the spectacular landscape, he speaks to us.


Mystery becomes understanding; the wonders of the earth shine.

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